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Instagram has become one of the most important things for the majority of people. The crowd on the platform is tremendously increasing with time. It is because of this increasing population on the platform that there is always new addition of features on the platform that make it more attractive and entertaining. This is the reason that businesses look for better growth and fortune on the platform. If you are an individual or business venture and looking for popularity on Instagram, then you must emphasize increasing Instagram comments. If you are wondering about the Instagram video comments for your Instagram account then you can determine the struggles and hardships that you have to bear to get organic Instagram video comments.

Top Clever Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram TV

The newly emerged application Instagram TV (IGTV) is hitting the social media industry along with its most advanced features. If you haven’t downloaded the stand-alone app on your phone yet, do it now! If your Instagram account is not updated with IGTV, means you are missing a lot about social media updates. Instagram TV is commonly known as IGTV- an application where one can share hour-long video content in a vertical format that matches the orientation of mobile phones. Thus, no one has to rotate their phone to watch videos. The app could be considered as one of the best social media platforms that are in vogue today. Marketers, as well as content creators, can leverage its benefits to avenue their business to a successful trip. To discover more about IGTV and its exclusive features, it is always recommended to have higher views and comments on the posts. Before discussing how you can reach a higher number of Instagram comments for the videos or Instagram reels that you create for your profile you should understand what needs to be done if you want to get organic comments. Here are they,

Built-Up your Channel’s Reputation:

The introduction of your channel is unavoidable if you are willing to create a valuable impression on your audience. Your channel says a lot about your personality, so make sure when you post any video on your channel, provide some basic and important information about you, like your brand, channels theme, and genre, etc. Describe your profile to help your viewers to know about you and your channel. You can even release a teaser for your channel through which your viewers can get an overview of the videos they will watch on your IGTV channel. Try to build up your channel with creative ideas and tempting themes.

Be Consistent:

If you want to get more Instagram comments on your IGTV videos, then try to update the video content on your profile from time to time. Do not stop uploading your videos and never take a long break to post the next video. If you will take a look at popular channels, you will notice one thing in common – their consistency of video, they never stop updating. If you want others to take interest in your videos, then you have to actively participate in your video sharing technique. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Let your viewers know about your next upload. This active participation with your video posts on Instagram will genuinely increase the engagement on your IGTV videos, which means more likes and comments.

Interact with your Viewers:

Every day take a few minutes to communicate with your viewers and interact with people who have left a comment on your videos. Try to reply to every comment, and talk about your upcoming videos, this will generate the interest of your existing followers, and if they find your videos enlightening and helpful they will definitely share them further. Also, from commenting on your channel, reach out to other channels and interact on their page. If they find your comments interesting, they might like to click on your profile.

Start a Discussion in the comments:

You can kick-start a conversation by asking about your videos in the comment section. Wait a couple of hours once you upload your video and wait for the viewers to react to it. This is one of the best ways to lead a conversation in your IGTV comment sections.

Ask Viewers to Share their Ideas For The Next Video:

At the end of your IGTV videos, you can ask your viewers to share their ideas and to give their inputs for upcoming videos. It is good to make videos on the topics your viewers are interested and wanted to see on your channel. You can do this by simply saying, “If you have any innovative ideas and topics, let me know in the comment section!”

Ask Viewers to Share their Ideas For The Next Video:

At the end of your IGTV videos, you can ask your viewers to share their ideas and to give their inputs for upcoming videos. It is good to make videos on the topics your viewers are interested and wanted to see on your channel. You can do this by simply saying, “If you have any innovative ideas and topics, let me know in the comment section!”

Talk About your IGTV Videos on Instagram Live:

Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can promote your IGTV videos. While making the regular live video, you can talk about your IGTV video too. Let your followers know that you have uploaded a video on IGTV.

Promote Your Videos Everywhere:

After uploading your video, do not forget to promote it outside of IGTV. Here, how you can promote your videos-

  • Submit to social bookmarking websites
  • Post the link on your social media websites
  • Send it to your mailing list
  • Add to video search engines
  • Promote your video on your blogs

Use Popular Hashtags:

Do not forget to use hashtags in your video’s description. Hashtags will help your viewers to discover your video content easily. Check out some of the most popular IGTV hashtags-

  • #igtv
  • #igtvart
  • #igtvmusic
  • #igtvvideos
  • #iftvchannel
  • #bestigtvchannel
  • #ighvpeople

Add a Watermark on Your IGTV Videos:

Adding a watermark to your videos is a good option, this will get you more viewers by promoting your channel across all of your videos. Watermark is just an image that you can apply to all of your videos. You need to confirm whether your IGTV account is allowed to upload a watermark or not.

Embed the strategies mentioned above, but first, focus on creating a great content video that your target audience will love. If you desire to maximize the comments on your network, remember that your chances of this will increase for every view you receive. So make sure that the video content you deliver should be informative, educating, engaging, and real.

Upload your photo or video on Instagram:

  • Add a filter to your photo
  • Adjust the exposure
  • Use Instagram editing tools
  • Upload photo to Instagram

For those who are active participants on IGTV and looking for more comments on their videos, this post will help them with the best tricks. In this post, I will guide you through a quick rundown of methods along with tips on how to create the most engaging posts to receive more comments that will work according to the Instagram TV algorithm. Once you implement the quick tricks then you will not have to wait or beg for comments on your videos. Let’s start with the tricks-

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